The year is 1996ish.
The mythic Miss Carmen Electra stops by the Entertainment Tonight conference room
to check out what a youngish and yummy Mark Steines wants to show her with his hard drive.
Why it's this new fangled thing called a "web site"!
(Spoiler: Carmen's amazed at the limitless possibilities!)
Grab a pen now so you can write down the ET web address when yummy Mark Steines announces it,
you don't want to miss where he tells you to point your browser!

Q: After leaving Prince's Pop Protégé Providence, which did Carmen do first:
Baywatch or Playboy?
Click HERE for the answer!




The divine Miss Anna Nicole Smith! Back when she was a lovable druggie mess!
In a legendary appearance in an iconic Tiffany-blue velveteen muumuu, (designer unknown!),
Anna talks to EXTRA as she works the Oscar® after-party circuit, March 1996.
EXTRA also talks to a sobriety expert to find out if there is still hope for Anna.
Is there? Watch and find out!

1996 was also the peak of Anna Nicole's own illustrious Film Career.
Do you remember the Best Picture Oscar awarded that night?


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